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Miranda's Success

MB is a 15 year old girl who was admitted to BCH suffering a massive brainstem stroke just over 1 year ago. She was unresponsive for the first 5 months, but since then has emerged. Since then she has made very good use of the Lightwriter we donated a few years ago, which we were very pleased to hear.

But her recovery has progressed, so she now uses a Touchpad, which is only on loan until October.

She uses it all day, to type messages & make them speak, also to access Instagram and You Tube, so it’s been a hugely liberating experience learning to use it. Her speech muscles are badly affected and so she can’t produce any speech yet and will need the device for years to come.

We don’t have any photos yet but here’s a reminder of how incredible the work at Bristol Children’s Hospital is, and why we support them.

Miranda suffered a stroke followed by locked in syndrome aged 13 but is now 17, back at home and took her GCSE’s last year. We were proud to have donated both a battery pack for her wheelchair and a Lightwriter for her use while in hospital, both of which were invaluable at the time.

Please keep those funds coming in as the equipment we help provide is literally life changing.

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