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Nicola's Film Wins UKABIF Film Awards

The Jemima Layzell Trust is often a last resort for parents, funding from the NHS or other charitable bodies often has very tight remits and also it takes many rejections for families to do more research and eventually find us. Sadly, we also can’t help everyone. We have our own parameters and requirements and each application must be supported by a lead professional.

Once we have connected with a family who needs our help, we like to continue our support over time as the child’s needs change. Below is a film made by Nicola Leyland showing the experiences of her family following her son's brain injury. At the end is a thank you to us as Mum says we have helped, when it seemed no one would.

Nicola was delighted to have her film reviewed and selected as the winner of the UKABIF film awards. The struggle to find a path following child brain injury has been real, and it is heartening to have this struggle recognised.

And as ever, thanks to the Jemima Layzell trust for their wonderful support.

'Thank you as ever for your amazing support. You have provided Isaac with months of gaming therapy, an education psychology report, a trampoline and several months of relaxation therapy, spread over several years.

I'm also giving a copy of the film to Isaacs computer gaming tutor (who you have helped to fund this year), this style of mentoring/ tutoring has proved very therapeutic for him and in building his confidence.’

Nicola 'It is only really through continually reaching out that Nicola found us. Please help spread the word of Jemima’s Trust because I am sure there are many children out there who could benefit from our support, if only they knew we existed. The Jemima Layzell Trust congratulate Nicola on her winning entry to the the UKABIF Short Film Competition 2021 and are proud to have supported Isaac over the years' Sophy.

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