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An iPad for M

On Wednesday 4th December the Trust visited M’s mum at Bristol Children's Hospital. M has been in BCH since October 2018 following brain injury caused by a choking incident and we were pleased to provide him with an ipad back in the summer. Helen said, ‘M & Mum are so, so pleased with the Ipad thank you! He smiled!’

Since then his OT Helen requested a robust cover and a clamp so it can be attached to his wheelchair and bed. We were delighted to give these to M’s mum yesterday.

The ipad now loaded with specialist exercises, has already been used to help encourage movement in M’s hand and eye co-ordination. It is especially useful in the rehabilitation of M’s communication, visual and physical skills. M’s family are hoping he will be stable enough to spend Christmas at home. We wish him a steady recovery and look forward to more updates on M’s progress.

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