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Update from Helen Cullimore at the British Children's Hospital

'We recently donated some special equipment, IQoro® that has been developed for people that have problems with being able to breathe, eat, speak or smile. It’s a neuromuscular training device that activates the nerve system to and from the brain thus allowing it to rebuild, improve and regain its control over these functions. It is therefore ideal for children with brain injury as it can help them physically as they re-learn speech and gain control over drooling.

‘Thank you so much for the IQoro’s..which have arrived safely. I used with KT today & he tolerated really well so I am hoping this will push forward some changes.’ Helen Cullimore OT Speech and Language Therapy Ward BCH

It’s early days, so we are excited to hear progress and will keep every one who supports the Trust updated. It’s a truly marvellous piece of kit, so thank you for your donations.'

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