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Toys for Bristol Children's Hospital

The Trust will be visiting Bristol Children's Hospital on Friday, 28th June, with all the wonderful toys donated by the children from The Ashlands and Misterton Federation School.

Below is an article from Lucy Gosden, Class Teacher, along with a lovely photograph of the children and the toys they kindly donated.

On Tuesday 21st May the sun shone on all the wonderful colourful flowers the children were wearing. The children enjoyed wearing their flowers and talking more about the Jemima Layzell Trust and all the amazing things they do. We were very lucky to be met by Sophy Layzell in the morning so that the school council could pass on all our amazing toy donations we had received through our lent of giving. Sophy was impressed by how much we had collected and is really looking forward to taking it all up to Bristol Children's hospital where it will be used in their family room. I am always blown away by your generosity and cannot thank you all enough for your support!

Lucy Gosden

Class Teacher

PSHE and Key Skills coordinator

The Ashlands and Misterton Federation

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