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Liam Helped Save The Lives of 6 People

Suzanne would love you to meet her son Liam. Liam helped save the lives of 6 people after his sudden passing. "Liam Ashley Andrews was born on the 11th January 1996, he was my first child. (the oldest of my six beautiful children) He was a gorgeous cheeky blue eyed chubby baby boy who grew up to be the kindest caring sensitive fun loving funny mischievous handsome young man. On the 19th June 2013 he suffered a massive brain hemorrhage after sneezing 6 times. Four days later he passed away on his younger brother Elliott’s 12th birthday. Liam is a hero. He chose to be an organ donor after signing the organ donor register when applying for his provisional driving license. Just six months later I gave consent for his final wishes to come true. On the 5th anniversary of Liam’s death I by complete chance found Liam’s heart recipient Alex. I had read a story on social media about a guy who received a heart and was competing in the World Transplant Games. I knew that Alex had received Liam’s heart because I’d been lucky enough to receive a lovely letter from one of his sons years previous. There was a photo of Alex and his sons and I just knew. A week later I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Alex and his wife and from there on I’ve found a new special friend with the most amazing connection… My gorgeous boy Liam 💙

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