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Thank you to One Kind Act for £25,000 Grant!

The Trust are incredibly grateful to One Kind Act for their generous grant of £25,000 raised at The Step -Head Ball.

The inspiration for the Ball came from the Chairman’s daughter Alisha Malhotra who has publicly shared her own journey to recovery after suffering a similar bleed in her brain to Jemima which left her unable to talk or walk. Now, after two years of rehabilitation, she was able to deliver an incredibly inspiring speech to over 500 guests at the Ball.

Please follow her Alisha's blog here.

The Step A-Head Ball on the 20th January in London, raised a total of over £100,000 to help people with brain injury around the world. Jemima’ Trust are lucky to be one of the beneficiaries and are now pleased to be able to respond positively to recent requests for specialist equipment.

Thank you to everyone who organised and supported The Step A-Head Ball, the donation you have made will make an incredible difference to children with brain injury in need, here in the UK.

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