Trust Toys Help Nel Communicate

Nel has suffered brain injury as a result of a condition called ‘TWNK’, which affects skeletal muscle and brain tissue, the latter affecting her ability to swallow and use muscles needed for speech and eye movements. The toys the Trust have supplied will help her communicate through play and gain independence and a better quality of life.

Her mum Hazel says,

'Thank you so much for Nel's switch toys and her ipad. She loves being able to interact with her toys independently and in particular loves peekaboo Elmo. It seems to be helping with her development as she loves pressing the switch and then talking away to Elmo in her own sounds in her own little language. It's great to see her responding in conversation.

She has also been using her ipad and has been doing art, learning about colours and trying to match up animals to their sounds. We've also found that putting on a programme for her to watch whilst she's in her standing frame has been a great help to her ability to remain in standing postures.

It's so good to see her engaged with equipment that she would only have the chance to use occasionally without your help.'