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Here Comes Ellie - Living Life To The Full After Transplant ...

When Ellie was only three months old, she spent a gruelling four months in Sheffield hospital having chemotherapy. During this time her parents couldn’t kiss or cuddle their baby due to the high risk of infection. Ellie had been diagnosed with a rare childhood liver cancer, and at seven months she then underwent a 9 hour liver transplant. Complications delayed her recovery, so coming home was a wonderful first birthday present. Ellie, now 12, is a fabulous advocate for organ donation. She received some kidney damage from the chemotherapy, but daily medication and a careful diet keep her well. Thanks to your donations Ellie took part in Spring 2018 and her dad writes, 'it was an amazing week. Ellie's friends from around the world and a new confidence boost.' Sopny and Harvey were really excited to meet Ellie and see her coming down the slopes for the first time.

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