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What We Do

The Trust has two main purposes.

Be Love is focussed on care and compassion for children with brain injury in an effort to provide funding for a) specialist equipment b) specialist therapy.

Be Life is focussed on encouraging conversation around organ transplants. We share our story and experiences wherever we can as the power of 'the gift of life' is strong and lives on. It is truly them embodiment of hope in dark and devastating times.

Our priority is to help those with limited resources of their own, to finance much-needed tools to enable their children to have the best chance of a quick, efficient and effective recovery. We also donate toys and presents to the children on the Neuro-Rehab ward when we visit and we also fund social events that bring families together for social support.


It is vital we have funds readily available to ensure that funding requests can be answered quickly. When a child is admitted to hospital, parents need to know that the help is there should they need it. There is no time for individual fundraising.


If you would like to donate please visit our ‘Donate’ page.

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