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We want to help you by providing stimulating and educational talks for all ages. Please click below for our various options:

Be Love Talk by Polly Williamson

European Eventing Champion to life with a brain injury.

Polly Williamson won six European gold medals competing in the high-octane world of three day eventing as well as being placed at Badminton Horse Trials. She competed internationally for twenty five years alongside building up her training business after the birth of her two sons. But in a split second December 2011 Polly’s life changed forever.

Polly was kicked in the head by half a tonne of horse. She was in a coma for eleven days, furthermore, she remained in amnesia for seven weeks. Polly had to relearn how to talk, walk and the other fundamentals of living. Hospitalised for over four months Polly finally returned home to a life that had been irrevocably changed. A nanny had been employed as she could no longer care for her children. Her driving licence had been revoked for a minimum of twelve months and her equestrian business had been closed. Polly’s damaged brain left her confused, stripped of all emotion and self-worth.

So how did Polly pick up her life again? Return to life as a working Mum, her husband away mid-week alongside picking up her career as a successful equestrian trainer and author of ‘Where did I go?’

Aiming and winning European gold medals taught Polly the importance of perseverance and self-discipline and these attributes were the key to Polly’s recovery. Plus a little wilful determination! It was Polly’s doctor of thirty years who suggested she could be a ‘bloody minded pain in the arse!’ but occasionally in life that human strength is needed.

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Be Life Talk by one of our trustees

We are willing to talk to all ages - from four upwards!

All our talks are tailor-made and vary formal PowerPoint presentations to interactive workshops. We can talk for a minimum of 20 minutes up to one and a half hours. We are happy to visit all over the country - in your school; workplace; or the local pub!

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Apply For A Grant

We offer grants for all children with ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) to help their recovery and improve their quality of life. Currently we have donated specialist seating (car seats, wheelchairs), sensory toys, specialist therapy and fun days out.

Apply for a grant by emailing us through our Contact Form. You will need a reference from a lead professional, explaining the nature of the injury, the item you are applying for and how you think it will help.