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With love and compassion and the right treatment and equipment, children with brain injury can enjoy happy and fulfilling lives.


How We Help

As well as raising money to cover the cost of specialist equipment and therapy, we deliver educational workshops to explore how brain injury might affect the senses and motor ability, so that able children can understand what it is like to experience brain trauma. Our talks include discussion on how to limit the risk of accidents especially in sport and road traffic. The aim is to help break down the stigma surrounding brain injury and replace it with understanding and empathy.


Who We Help

Children are referred to us with a wide range of injury. Referrals come from lead professionals, often an occupational therapist, charity case worker, patient liaison service, or doctor or nurse. Their injury might have left them with mild disability that is predominantly hidden, or there might be considerable damage, leaving them largely bedridden. It must be clear in their application what it is they are asking for and why. We like to know the positive impact that the equipment will have on the child. We also require assurance that there will be feedback and that we will be sent updates about the child’s progress.


We are not restrictive regarding how the child received their injury, as long as it classified as an Acquired Brain Injury. There all kinds of effects and there are all all kinds of causes. From traffic accidents, seizures (relating to illness, for example meningitis), choking, blunt force trauma, strokes and tumours.


How Can you Help Us?

 Visit our How You Can Help and Donate pages


How Can We Help You?

Apply for a grant by emailing us through our Contact Form. You will need a reference from a lead professional, explaining the nature of the injury, the item you are applying for and how you think it will help.

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