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  • 2019 February we donated £695 to the Speech and Language Therapy Department at Bristol’s Children’s Hospital for a Meta Linguistic Programme to assess the extent of brain injury in children.

  • 2019 March one custom-designed wheelchair for a 4 and a half year old, to enable her to attend school and join in activities.

  • 2019 April, two light writers to Bristol Children’s Hospital. One new and one repaired. This enables children who can’t speak to communicate.

  • 2019 April, an iPad for H, who we have supported since his airgun rifle damage. This will help him when he starts school in September.

  • 2019 April, a Crealy Day Pass for a family whose child has suffered brain injury.

  • 2019 May, an iPad for a four year old who is completely bed ridden following choking on a grape.

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