• 2017 February we donated two specialists seats for the neuro-rehab ward at BCH

  • (MYGO seat £2,603 and the Lecky Squiggles system £2,170.80).

  • ​2017 May we donated computer tablets to Charlie who suffered a stroke while having cardiac surgery and to Aiden who has a brain tumour.

  • ​2017 May we donated £1144 to fund Mia's assessment, re-assesment at BIBIC and treatment at the Johansen Individualised auditory stimulation programme.

  • 2017 June we donated computer tablets to Dylan who suffered a choking incident and Anwaar who was a car accident victim.

  • ​2017 June Damien Boyd, crime author delivered three Creative Writing workshops to highlight organ donation.

  • ​2017 August we donated a computer tablet to Nell who has been diagnosed with a progressive loss of brain function owing to a mitochondrial disorder called ‘TWNK’.

  • ​2017 August we donated switch toys to Nel, see above. These are specially adapted toys that are operated by tablet, encouraging children to interact owing to the ‘cause and effect’ nature of the toys. The help develop motor and communication skills while also being fun.

  •  2017 November we donated a power pack to help power a wheelchair for M, a 13 year old girl who suffered a brain stem stroke. The power pack will enable her carers to take her outside, a welcome relief after nearly a year confined to hospital.

  •  2017 December we donated a tablet to AH, a 16 year old suffering from aphasia (the loss of ability to understand speech) whose brain injury was caused by meningitis. 




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