Encouraging organ donation from young people  so that more young lives can be saved.


Helping educate people about brain aneurisms to prevent mis-diagnosis and spot the warning signs.

mission & vision

supporting BRain injured children both in their physical rehabilitation and their mental well being.

The Trust is comprised of  family, friends, and parents of Jemima’s friends. All shattered by our loss and channelling our love into making the world a better place on Jemima’s behalf. We are working hard to raise funds to support young people suffering from brain injury or trauma. They need help both with their physical rehabilitation and their mental wellbeing.
If Jemima had survived, the ruptured anuerism would have severely affected her communication and the right side of her body. Recovery from an un-ruptured aneurism is generally quicker than for a ruptured one. Physical therapy and speech therapy  may be needed.  Patients may suffer from various symptoms including fatigue, localized pain and problems with balance. 
Depression is very common, because of big life changes. The inability to do things they used to, leads to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Plus, loss of emotional control, low self esteem, insomnia, relationship issues and loneliness can also be a problem.


Helping young people with brain  injury make their lives better.

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organ donation

We knew Jemima wanted to be an organ donor because we had talked about it  the week before she died. The recent death of a friends’ brother prompted various debates about organ donation, euthanasia and methods of burial. We therefore knew what her wishes were. She saved the lives of eight people and restored the sight of three. Five of the recipients were children and what’s so important is that children can usually only receive transplants from other children. Being faced with the death of your child is so devastating, but donating can help heal  that loss.
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Brain Aneurisms

Also known as cerebral aneurisms , there are three  main types: saccular (berry), fusiform and dissecting.

I in 50 people will develop an aneurism, 40% of these will die.
Un-ruptured brain  aneurisms often have no symptoms at all. However, if the aneurism is over half an inch in diameter it may press on the brain or the nerves stemming out of the brain, resulting in some or all of the symptoms below. Jemima’s was a giant dissecting aneurism deep in the left side of her brain. If she had lived this would have severely affected her communication and the right side of her body. A ruptured aneurism causes extreme pain  (the worst headache of your life) loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting, change in mental status, seizures, plus the symptoms below. 4 out of 7 people surviving a bleed will have disabilities. Accurate early diagnosis is critical. 

· Headache or pain behind or above the eye (can be mild or severe) · Dilated pupils · Blurred or double vision, possibly with drooping eyelids · Weakness or numbness, dizziness · Difficulty speaking
Most of our facts and figures come from www.bafound.org

The Trust organises various talks and fundraising events ​ Do join us!

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Foundation history

2013 In December, The Jemima Layzell Trust was founded
2014 The Trust registered with HMRC to qualify for Gift Aid. Charity number: EW14268
2015 In February Michael Morpurgo become the Trust's Patron.
2015 in June we launched our inaugural Creative Writing Competition judged by our Patron.
2015 in August the Trust registered with the Charity Commission. Charity Number: 1163173
2015 in November we donated £1,144 to match fund Ethan's treatment at BIBIC
2015 in December we donated £12,500 to Bristol Children's Hospital for a new EEG machine
2015 in December we donated £1,000 to Tyler's family via CBIT. Tyler fell from a height of 12 ft straight onto his head. 
2016 in March we donated £350 for an ipad and bubble machine to Charlotte via CBIT.
2016 in April we donated £350 for an iPad to Mohammed. 
2016 in May we donated £1,700 to Amber for a cycle seat adaptor.
2016 in Summer Chris Holland ran Creative Writing workshops in schools and the Brewhouse theatre to highlight organ donation.
2016 in July we donated an iPad mini to Ethan at BCH

2016 November we donated £1,152 of sensory equipment to Harry

2016 November we donated an iPad to Q

2017 February we donated two specialists seats for the neuro-rehab ward at BCH

(MYGO seat £2,603 and the Lecky Squiggles system £2,170.80) 

Schools and Groups

We need your help fundraising! Why not have a Wear a Flower Day? See how far you can go with the floral theme. Cupcakes, longest daisy chains, faceprinting? 

The Jemima Layzell Trust