The Jemima Layzell Trust

‘We all have our stories to tell.

This is Jemima's first and last and because of that so important to all of us who read it now. 

This is her life.’ 

Michael Morpurgo

'I think it's the most beautiful, touching, heartbreaking book.'

Jacqueline Wilson

The Draft was the name Jemima gave to her last diary which she carried with her everywhere. Inside the cover reads,

'Dedicated to all those who have made the world a better place, and those who never had a chance to. Thank you'

Jemima began keeping a diary when she was four, making simple entries as well as secret codes where she wrote backwards! No one was allowed to read her diaries or notebooks so following her death we discovered a whole new side to our beloved daughter.
After reading extracts at her funeral friends and familysugguested publishing them as they are 'extraordinary in their integrity and maturity'.
Included in the draft, are not only her diaries from the age of 10 until her death aged 13, but also family pictures and some of her artworks of which she was very proud.

Jemima's first and last book, ‘The Draft’ is available now.
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The book is stocked by her local Horton Post Office, Waterstone’s Taunton and online via Amazon. The book is a 8x10 souvenir edition costing £25 and contains colour family photographs as well as her private diary entries and extracts from her notebooks. The kindle edition is not illustrated.

Extracts from The Draft

Saturday 9th July 2011

Dear Diary

It is times like this when I sit and wonder ‘where’s my Romeo? What happened to my Prince Charming?’ But then I stop and think, do I really deserve him?
...I want to leap out of bed, draw back the curtains and gaze out into the night.
To lean out the window, sing for my true love, the love I do not yet
possess and possibly never will. If only I weren’t so afraid.

Monday 8th August 2011

Some people say that God can’t exist because if he did he would help all the poor people in the world.
I object to that. I feel their despair but WE have to help them. They
are there because we did this to them. They are there because we have a
wrong to right. They are there to stop us from turning into complete
monsters before it’s too late.

Sunday 7th August 2011

Anyway I need to write what I think and feel. Not all that you see
here actually ‘happened’ but it’s still very real to me. I don’t care if
I let my imagination run away with me!
Plenty of brilliant artists and
writers were mad! In fact it made their work more interesting! Even if
they did cut their ears off, commit suicide, run round doing crazy stuff
etc etc. People still loved them and their work just the same. And I
want to be loved too.
I almost feel as though I will never live long
enough to become an author, to be married and have a family.

Jemima's Story

made International news appearing in European, American, Asian and African publications.

'When imagining a hero, most of us picture a strong and fearless character in a spandex unitard, as seen in the comic books we read or in the movies we watch. It is therefore unusual for us to witness a 13-year-old girl being called a hero by the media. But if a hero is defined as someone who comes to the rescue of those in need, then Jemima Layzell from England deserves the title. After all she did save eight lives.' October 2012 Bernd Fischer

'She is a light in our time. An example of compassion and charity whose memory must be carefully guarded and celebrated. Giving life for love, isn't that the whole sense of our lives?' 
October 2013 Fr Joseph Marie