Tyler sustained injury to his frontal lobe when falling onto his head from a height. He is now struggling with behavioural and cognitive issues.

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Who have we helped so far?

From hospital equipment, to dark rooms and iPads we're proud of how much we've raised the last few years so that we've been able to help children with brain injury.

All our children are referred by either their occupational therapist, nurses and doctors on the neuro-rehab ward at Bristol Children's hospital. Or other charities like Marthacare (now part of the Wallace and Gromit Grand Appeal) Child Brain Injury Trust and the British Institute for Brain Injured Children.​

Registered Charity Number: 1163173

Ethan was not only born prematurely along with his twin, but suffered a stroke in-utero leaving him with sensory and behavioural problems. The Trust have match funded his treatment for two years.

Following a viral temperature Charlotte was diagnosed with global ischemic encephalopathy and has cortical visual impairment.  The Trust  donated an ipad and bubble machine to aid her recovery. 

How Can You Help?


You can help us fundraise as equipment, especially hospital equipment is very expensive.

So far people have run marathons, held sports days, latin dancing, and wear a flower days. Every penny adds up, and as we are a small, voluntary charity, every penny goes to children with brain injury.

Our Wear a Flower days are very popular with schools as they can include, face painting, cake decorating as well as competitions like who can make the longest daisy chain, and who can stick the most flowers in their hair! ( See the slide show below).

Buy The Draft

The Draft is Jemima's one and only book that chronicles her life in her own words from between the ages of 8 and 13. 

Buying The Draft spreads Jemima's story and brings awareness for her charity and also profit as the funds are divided 50/50 between the Trust and Jemima's sister Amelia.

Host a Talk / assembly

We are very happy to come and talk to your school or group about our work and can stay with you for anything from 10 minutes an hour. We can focus on brain injury or organisation or both. Please contact us for more details.

​​‘We all have our stories to tell. This is Jemima's first and last and because of that so important to all of us who read it now.  This is her life.’  Michael Morpurgo

'I think it's the most beautiful, touching, heartbreaking book.' Jacqueline Wilson

Jemima's diary is about real people and real  situations.   This book contains her innermost thoughts as she grew into a teenager.  It shows that dreams can come true, even after death.   Jemima was an unwitting heroine, leaving a powerful legacy: she willing chose to donate her organs after her deaths, which have helped to save a staggering eight people’s lives.

Writing Competition

The draft



‘Dedicated to all those who have made the world a better place , and those who never had a chance to. Thank you’ 

                                                Jemima Layzell


The Trust is comprised of  family, friends, and parents of Jemima’s friends. All shattered by our loss and channelling our love into making the world a better place on Jemima’s behalf.

Organ Donation

Jemima saved the lives of eight people and restored the sight of three. Five of the recipients were children and what’s so important is that children can usually only receive transplants from other children.


I in 50 people will develop an aneurism, 40% of these will die.
 4 out of 7 people surviving a bleed will have disabilities. Accurate early diagnosis is critical.

The Jemima Layzell Trust is a registered Charity set up to help young people with brain injury. 

Jemima collapsed on Saturday 12th March 2012 and died four days later of a ruptured giant aneurism .

The Trust holds regular fundraising events and is very grateful for all donations. 

It was discovered by the NHS register in Sept 2017 that Jemima is the UK record holder for the organ donor with the most recipients. 

The Trust campaigns for organ donation awareness through it's annual Creative Writing Competition judged by Patron Michael Morpurgo.

The Wear a Flower campaign highlights the work of the Trust in general and has gathered support from some amazing celebrities. 

 Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far, you are amazing!




The Jemima Layzell Trust


Visit our charity page on BT MyDonate

Our annual writing competition is open to all 6-18 year olds and is part of our Awareness and Action Campaign.

The Jemima Layzell Trust wish to reach young people aged 8-16 via creative writing to help them foster a love of literacy in all forms while raising awareness for the Trust in particular  organ donation. 

If you would like your school/library/youth club to be involved please contact us  we will be linking schools with published authors who are local to their area to come and run a creative writing workshop. 

Contact us NOW to get your name on our list!


Jemima's parents accepted a Special Recognition Award on Jemima's behalf at the The Sun's 'Who Cares Wins' Health Awards October 2017.

Jemima's family accepted the Order of St John for Organ Donation on her behalf in September 2015.

 Harry was shot in the head by an air rifle leaving him with partial blindness and extensive brain damage. The Trust donated a dark den and sensory equipment to encourage him to develop through play.

£12, 500.00 towards a new EEG machine. This device allows nurses and doctors to continuously monitor critically ill children’s brain activity following neurosurgery.